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R.M. Williams boots have attained legendary status among generations of Australians and increasingly across the world. Born in the Australian outback, the brand carries the name of its legendary founder, who began selling his ‘Elastic Side Boots’ in 1932, in Adelaide — where the boots are to this day crafted by hand from a single, premium piece of leather for utmost sturdiness on long strides across a rugged wilderness. The boots represent a profound and broadly recognisable fashion statement — one synonymous with not only timeless quality and country style but also the famous ‘can-do’ attitudes of hardworking Australians, in the city and the outback.

Trusted RM Williams Boot Repairers

SoleHeeled’s craftsmen have been repairing R.M. Williams boots since 1955. We take care of thousands of R.M. Williams boots every year and are officially recognised by R.M. Williams as recommended repairers using original R.M. Williams products (including leather and rubber soles and heels, pull tabs, elastic gussets, laces and leather conditioners) — one of the last few Australian boot repairers authorised to do so.

Official recommended R.M. Williams boot repairers

If you have a beloved pair of R.M. Williams boots in need of repair or restoration, ask us for a free diagnosis/quote by completing our online order form — where you can upload photos of the boots and let us know exactly what you would like done to them, or let us advise you on what the boots need based on the photos.

SoleHeeled serves all of Australia through its free 2-way shipping service:

  1. Order online: Answer a few questions to get an instant quote and complete your order.

  2. Send your boots: Drop your R.M. Williams boots off at a local post office for free packaging and shipping to us.

  3. We repair: A team of experienced cobblers will carefully repair your R.M. Williams boots.

  4. We return: We'll deliver your repaired R.M. Williams boots to you, wherever you are in Australia.

Popular RM Williams Boot Repair Services

We perform all sorts of boot repair and restoration services, but here are a few of the most popular services we offer for R.M. Williams boots.

RM Williams boot sole repairs and resoles


We perform half re-soles (where the new soles extend to about an inch before the heels) and full re-soles (where the soles and heels are replaced entirely) using original RM Williams leather and rubber soles.

RM Williams boot elastic gusset repairs

Elastic gussets

When elastics are stretched or torn, we replace them with original RM Williams replacement gussets custom-cut and carefully stitched to your boots.

RM Williams boot lining repairs

Inner linings

When linings are torn, most commonly at the back of the boot around the wearer's heels, we recraft or patch up the lining to reinforce it and prevent further tearing.

RM Williams boot leather restoration

Leather restoration

We polish/shine leather uppers in case of minor scuffing. We clean, condition and even recolour leather uppers where the leather is heavily scuffed, cracked or discoloured.

RM Williams boot heel repairs


We re-heel boots using original rubber RM Williams heels. We build up damaged heel blocks if possible and replace heel blocks with full re-soles if necessary.

RM Williams boot insole replacements


We replace worn insoles with new custom-cut leather or original RM Williams comfort insoles, to improve comfort and wearability when boots are roomier than we'd like.

RM Williams boot stretching


Being made from one piece of premium leather, RM Williams boots often feel tight when first worn and take time to be broken into. We stretch the boots to speed up this process.

RM Williams boot pull tab replacements

Pull tabs

Where pull tabs start tearing or come off entirely, we replace them with original RM Williams pull tabs.

and much more!

RM Williams Boot Repair Examples

Here are a few examples of recent RM Williams boot repairs and restorations performed by our team of experienced craftsmen, along with before and after photos we hope you find helpful.

Quality Workmanship on RM Williams Boots Since 1955

My 8 year old RM Williams boots ... were beyond worse for wear, but I got a full restoration done and they now look new. The service was the best part of this, hands down, with everything sorted in a few minutes... Highly recommended

— Michael, Hawthorn East VIC —

Outstanding work on my boots — much better repair work than I've had from other repairers around Sydney... Keep it up team, and you'll be getting a lot more shoes from me.

— Adrian, Caringbah NSW —

Absolutely brilliant job, I thought I had worn my R.M. Williams boots beyond repair but they were fixed by these guys as good as new. Could not be happier.

— Michael, Milton QLD —

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