Our mission is to offer all Australians convenient and affordable access to quality shoe and handbag repair services by Australia's best craftsmen

We're reimagining shoe and handbag repair services for the 21st century by solving 2 major problems:


Some of us prefer to repair rather than replace our shoes and handbags — perhaps because of environmental or animal welfare reasons, because the items are so loved that nothing can really replace them, or because we've already spent so much money on purchasing the items that simply writing them off would be an unthinkable waste. But it's extraordinarily difficult to find repairers we can trust to care for our items and restore them properly.

This is something you never need to worry about with SoleHeeled, the offspring of a 3rd generation family business established in 1955. All repairs are performed by a team of experienced artisans trusted by such luxury brands as R.M. Williams (official recommended repairers), Versace and Canali, using traditional methods otherwise largely lost to the industry.

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We saw the typical process of a customer having to personally deliver their items to our workshop and then personally pick up their repaired items from our workshop days later as an inconvenient one that could be streamlined through a purely online business — one that allows customers to get instant quotes and complete their orders online, and to then leave the physical transportation of their items to SoleHeeled's free 2-way shipping service.

SoleHeeled shoe and handbag repairs Australia-wide

We see such a solution as valuable not only for Australians residing in big cities, where an online service would be a great time-saver, but also for Australians living in regional, rural and remote areas, where access to quality, affordable services is still too sparse.

We may be based in Sydney, but no matter where you are in Australia, the process of getting your shoes and handbags repaired by quality craftsmen is quick and easy:

  1. You get an instant quote and complete your order online.

  2. You take your items to a local Australia Post office where they will be packaged and shipped to us, free and fully tracked.

  3. We repair the items and send them directly back to you, free and fully tracked.

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How we're doing

SoleHeeled (the online business) launched in August 2016. Since then, we've received amazing feedback from customers who appreciate not only the quality of our work but also the convenience of our service.

I just had my Mansur Gavriel bag repaired by SoleHeeled. I was pretty sure it couldn't be repaired, but they said they'd be able to fix it and they did. In fact, it looks great! Loved the shipping both ways ... The whole experience was just so refreshing.

— Louise, Coogee NSW —

My 8 year old RM Williams boots ... were beyond worse for wear, but I got a full restoration done and they now look new. The service was the best part of this, hands down, with everything sorted in a few minutes... Highly recommended

— Michael, Hawthorn East VIC —

I ordered a repair for my Louboutins through SoleHeeled recently. And was pleasantly surprised by how great they looked, even though the heels were replaced entirely. Excellent workmanship, and top notch service as well.

— Sarah, Darlinghurst NSW —