Handbag Repair Services

We perform all sorts of handbag repair and restoration services. If the service you're looking for isn't listed below, you'll be able to request a free 'repair diagnosis' during the order process.

Handbag hardware repairs


We replace lost or damaged hardware (including rivets, press studs, metal trimmings, buckles, clasps, clips, rings, locks and other handbag closures) with hardware of matching quality and at least similar appearance. We also repair and restore damaged hardware.

Handbag cleaning and restoration

Surface clean / restoration

The leather surfaces of handbags are easily scuffed, stained or otherwise damaged. We polish out these scuffs and clean the handbags, removing dirt and even stains with the finest quality polishes, chemical agents and conditioners. We also use a range of professional methods to restore suede, exotic and other leathers.

Handbag stitching repairs


We repair loose seams and replace damaged stitching on handbags using both machine and hand stitching, and have access to a wide selection of threads to allow for the thickness- and colour-matching of existing string.

Handbag inner lining repairs

Inner lining

The inner lining leather or fabric often tears or shows significant wear over time. We repair damaged lining using custom-cut patches. Generally speaking, we can repair but cannot replace the inner lining.

Handbag strap repairs

Straps / handles

We repair damaged leather or material straps and handles (including by re-waxing worn edgings) or replace them with new straps of matching quality and at least similar appearance.

Handbag waterproofing and colour protection

Waterproofing / stain protection

We professionally apply several coats of high-grade waterproof and colour protection formula to protect leather from water marks, stains, grime and discolouration. We use natural, silicon-free waterproofing / colour protection agents to preserve the leather's colour and complexion.

Handbag zipper repairs


Zipper damage doesn't spell the end of a great handbag. We often repair or replace runners to get original zippers working again. We also replace damaged zippers with new zippers of matching quality and at least similar appearance.

Handbag eyelet repairs


These are metallic rings around holes in leather/fabric, typically used to thread laces. We replace them where damaged and can even add new ones where necessary.

Handbag tear repairs


Tears often appear on handbag surfaces, usually close to seams. We repair tears with leather patching (usually by applying a piece of sturdy leather to the handbag's unexposed interior) and invisible stitching, which together serve to reinforce the leather and prevent further tearing.

Handbag piping repairs


Handbag manufacturers use piping to reinforce the structure of a handbag at its weakest points, such that continued use of a handbag with damaged piping can make things worse. We repair or replace worn and torn leather or fabric piping. 

Handbag recolouring and redyeing

Recolouring / re-dyeing

We recolour or re-dye handbags to address discolouration or surface damage, or to simply get handbags looking fresh again with their original colours or entirely new colours. Where necessary, we strip colours with special chemicals and match original colours by combining chemicals and additives to adjust for gloss, tone and the type of leather.

Other services

Don't see the service you're looking for? Simply let us know or select the 'free diagnosis' option during the online order process to have a member of the SoleHeeled team review your requirements and provide you with a free diagnosis and custom quote.

Types of handbags

We repair all types of handbags. You'll be asked to choose one of the following during the order process. Don't see your type? Let us know

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I just had my Mansur Gavriel handbag repaired by SoleHeeled. I was pretty sure it couldn't be repaired, but they said they'd be able to fix it and they did. In fact, it looks great! Loved the shipping both ways ... The whole experience was just so refreshing.

— Louise, Coogee NSW —

I am thrilled with the job you have done on my handbag. You replaced the heavy chained handles with excellent quality leather, leaving just a touch of the gold links, which only improved what is an expensive, designer bag. Thank you for the great service.

— Mardi, Mount Eliza, VIC —

I have a beautiful Skagen handbag that needed repair. The zipper ... had come apart. I had taken it to several shoe repair places where they didn't want to touch it... I live in Brisbane and SoleHeeled sent me a box to post it back in and it came back in less than a week — in perfect condition. I am extremely happy with their workmanship and service.

— Linda, Holland Park, QLD —

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