Shoe Repair Services

We perform all sorts of shoe repair and restoration services. If the service you're looking for isn't listed below, you'll be able to request a free 'repair diagnosis' during the order process.

Shoe sole repairs


We strip damaged soles before cutting new ones and carefully glueing or stitching them into place on the base of your shoes. We use only top-quality European leather and anti-slip rubber soles to ensure comfort and longevity.

Shoe full sole repairs

Full flat soles

Loafers, boat shoes and sneakers typically have one full sole, rather than a sole that's separate from or shorter than the heel. We replace the full sole, stitching or gluing a new one to the base of the shoe.

Shoe inner lining repair

Inner linings

The inner lining fabric often tears or shows significant wear over time. We patch these tears using custom-cut leather patches or replace the lining entirely where necessary.

Shoe strap repairs


We repair damaged shoe straps or replace them entirely with new straps, including any velcro on their underside.

Shoe zipper repairs


Zipper damage doesn't spell the end of a great pair of shoes or boots. We can repair your original zippers or replace them with top-quality new ones if need be.

Shoe eyelet repairs


These are metallic rings around holes in leather/fabric, typically decorative or used to thread shoe laces. We replace them where damaged and can even add new ones where necessary.

Shoe stretching repairs


Having to 'break in' shoes is often the most annoying part of wearing a new pair. We use specialised machinery to carefully stretch shoes based on your preferences.

Shoe waterproofing


Waterproofing is a necessity for new shoes, particularly suede shoes, to keep them looking sharp in, and in spite of, all types of weather. 

Shoe polish and shine

Polish / shine

We remove light dirt and apply conditioners to carefully polish your shoes and restore colour to the edges of your soles and heels. Your shoes will look fresh as ever.

Shoe heel repairs


Heels can be so worn that heel blocks themselves are damaged, affecting your balance and posture while walking. We build up damaged heels or replace them entirely. We can also adjust the height of heels to better suit body heights and preferences.

Shoe heel tip repair

Heel tips

Heel tips make all the difference when it comes to comfortably enjoying your favourite heels. We stock various types of heel tips, and always recommend replacing plastic tips with anti-slip rubber ones to ensure comfort and longevity.

Shoe toe piece repairs

Toe pieces

The tips of your soles at the front of your shoes are easily worn over time. We custom cut leather or rubber toe pieces to restore the shape and appearance of your shoe's soles.

Shoe insole repairs


A comfortable insole makes all the difference when it comes to enjoying a shoe. We replace stock insoles with orthopaedic ones or custom-cut ones that match your shoe's shape. 

Shoe elastic gusset repairs

Elastic gussets

Even on the most rigour-proof shoes, elastic gussets are easily worn. We can replace them with top-quality gussets to get your shoes feeling snug but flexible again.

Shoe buckle repairs


We repair damaged buckles, and can replace them with entirely new buckles if the existing ones are irreparable.

Shoe stitching repairs


We repair damaged stitching on shoes with matching string, removing existing string and restitching lines entirely if need be.

Shoe dye / recolouring

Dye / recolouring

We use spirit dyes that soak into the shoe's leather, permanently changing its colour. This matches the dyeing process typically used in the manufacture of high-end shoes and other leather goods.

Shoe cleaning and restoration

Surface clean / restoration

Leather shoe surfaces are easily scuffed, cracked or otherwise damaged. We polish out scuffs, clean shoes to remove dirt and stains, and recondition leather. And we even repair deeper surface damage with invisible stitching and patching.

Other services

Don't see the service you're looking for? Simply let us know or select the 'free diagnosis' option during the online order process to have a member of the SoleHeeled team review your requirements and provide you with a free diagnosis and custom quote.

Shoes we repair

We repair all types of shoes. You'll be asked to choose one of the following during the order process. Don't see your type? Let us know

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I ordered a repair for my Louboutins through SoleHeeled recently. And was pleasantly surprised by how great they looked, even though the heels were replaced entirely. Excellent workmanship, and top notch service as well.

— Sarah, Darlinghurst NSW —

My 8 year old RM Williams boots ... were beyond worse for wear, but I got a full restoration done and they now look new. The service was the best part of this, hands down, with everything sorted in a few minutes... Highly recommended

— Michael, Hawthorn East VIC —

What a fantastic service. They did such a neat job replacing the zippers on my favourite boots which were returned to me, to my doorstep within a week. Definitely would recommend SoleHeeled.

— Amanda, Trentham VIC —

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