SoleHeeled offers convenient and affordable R.M. Williams boot repairs by Australia’s best craftsmen, with free shipping to your door. This case study outlines how we recently repaired a customer’s R.M. Williams boots.

R.M. Williams Boot Resole


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Boot full sole and heel replacement, and leather restoration

Customer location

North Wollongong, New South Wales

The boots

The Adelaide Cuban RM Williams women’s boots are a tough, durable pair of boots. The soles on this pair had clearly been worn all the way through to the welt, leaving the boots in desperate need of repair. When this customer reached out to us for a free diagnosis/quote, we reviewed the photos she submitted and offered to perform a full leather re-sole, including a thin protective rubber sole, and a restoration of the boots’ heavily scuffed leather uppers.

Sole and heel replacement

We first removed the entire of each sole, including the heels. We then applied a full leather sole, extending along the entire length of each boot. We then reattached the heel block, and applied new rubber heels to the base of each heel block. In doing this, we used original RM Williams replacement soles and heels.

Protective rubber soles

Although leather soles are regarded as more breathable and arguably more comfortable than rubber soles (in reality, it’s a matter of personal preference), they tend to wear quickly and are far less durable than RM Williams’ rubber soles. However, a ‘best of both worlds’ type solution that we employed in this case involved applying full leather soles, followed by a thin but highly durable rubber sole that would protect the leather sole.

Leather restoration

We finally cleaned and conditioned the leather uppers before polishing up and recolouring around the deep scuffs at the front of each boot.

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SoleHeeled is an official recommended repairer of RM Williams boots — one of a few remaining repairers in Australia. Our craftsmen are intimately familiar with RM Williams boots and what it takes to repair them, using authorised RM Williams replacements and products in their repairs. If you have a beloved pair of RM Williams boots in need of repair or restoration, ask us for a free diagnosis/quote by completing our online order form — where you can upload photos of the boots and let us know exactly what you would like done to them, or let us advise you on what the boots need based on the photos.

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