SoleHeeled offers convenient and affordable Prada handbag repairs by Australia’s best craftsmen, with free shipping to your door. This case study outlines how we recently restored a customer’s Prada handbag.

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Tote handbag cleaning, conditioning, mould treatment, waterproofing and colour restoration

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Brisbane, Queensland

The handbag

The Prada Galleria handbag is a meticulously crafted bag, a timeless classic and a timeless investment — and yet, this particular handbag had been thoroughly enjoyed by its owner and seen better days. The handbag itself remained structurally sound, but had accumulated dirt and even mould around its corners and piping and suffered from noticeable discolouration, scuffs and scratches. And while a darker coloured (say, black) version of this bag might have largely concealed some of this accumulated wear and tear, this lighter brown coloured bag clearly did not.

When the customer reached out to us for a free diagnosis/quote, we reviewed the photos she submitted and offered to fully restore the handbag — cleaning and conditioning the leather throughout the bag before treating the leather for mould, recolouring the areas affected by discolouration, and finally applying a leather waterproofer to help protect the leather from water damage and stains going forward. 

Leather cleaning and conditioning

We firstly set about cleaning the leather throughout the bag using natural, non-abrasive materials to safely remove dirt, grime and surface mould wherever we could find it, and without damaging the leather or leaving stains. We then applied a leather conditioner to help soften and freshen up the leather.

Leather mould treatment

After leaving the leather to dry, we removed all more deeply ingrained mould and then treated the affected areas with a special leather mould cleaner.

Leather colour restoration

With a clean and mould-free bag, we then custom mixed a colour to match the colour of the bag and applied that to the areas of the bag affected by discolouration (mainly due to scratches and scuffs in the case of this particular bag).

Leather waterproofing

With everything else set, we finally applied a waterproofing agent to the leather throughout the bag to help protect it from water damage and mould (as well as common stains) going forward.

Have a Prada handbag needing repair or restoration?

Our experienced craftsmen have been trusted by not only generations of Australians but also local and international brands (including Versace and Canali) with the repair and restoration of luxury designer handbags since 1955. If you have a beloved Prada handbag in need of repair or restoration, ask us for a free diagnosis/quote by completing our online order form — where you can upload photos of the bag and let us know exactly what you would like done to it, or let us advise you on what the bag needs based on the photos.

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