SoleHeeled offers convenient and affordable Gucci shoe repairs by Australia’s best craftsmen, with free shipping to your door. This case study outlines how we recently recoloured a customer’s Gucci shoes.

Gucci Shoe Colour Change


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Loafers suede clean, conditioning and colour change

Customer Location

Medindie in Adelaide, South Australia

The shoes

These Gucci penny loafers were originally light beige in colour but had become increasingly dirty and discoloured — to the point where they no longer looked like the quality loafers their owner once decided to purchase.

When this customer reached out to us for a free diagnosis/quote, we reviewed the photos he submitted and offered to clean and condition the suede throughout the shoes and to recolour the shoes to a navy blue — keeping in mind the likelihood of the clean successfully removing 100% of the discolouration and the customer's desire to avoid having the loafers simply become dirty and discoloured with continued use.

Happy with the diagnosis/quote, the customer submitted an order and used SoleHeeled's free 2-way, Australia-wide shipping service to send over his loafers from Adelaide to our Sydney workshop.

Suede cleaning and conditioning

We first set about cleaning and conditioning the suede throughout the loafers, ensuring that the suede was ready to be recoloured.

Suede is an extraordinarily delicate type of leather, so porous that it absorbs a lot of whatever it comes into contact with. Over time, this causes the colour of suede to change — sometimes only slightly, but often significantly. This makes the suede cleaning process quite a delicate one. Over decades, the SoleHeeled team has developed specialists techniques for suede cleaning that are non-abrasive and minimise the risk of discolouration or staining. 

Suede recolouring

As with the cleaning of suede, the recolouring / dyeing of suede is an extraordinarily delicate and thus time-consuming process, involving the use of specific types of dyes and specialist application techniques.

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Our experienced craftsmen have been trusted by not only generations of Australians but also local and international brands (including Versace and Canali) with the repair and restoration of luxury designer shoes since 1955. If you have a beloved pair of Gucci shoes in need of repair or restoration, ask us for a free diagnosis/quote by completing our online order form — where you can upload photos of the shoes and let us know exactly what you would like done to them, or let us advise you on what the shoes needs based on the photos.

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