It is with the greatest pleasure that we announce the launch of SoleHeeled ...

the easiest and most reliable way to get your beloved shoes and handbags repaired by the best craftsmen Australia has to offer

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We are setting out to reimagine handbag and shoe repair services for the 21st century by combining top-quality workmanship with instant quoting, online ordering and the convenience of free Australia-wide delivery to and from our workshop.

SoleHeeled solves 2 major problems:


For those of us looking to repair shoes or handbags that we have fallen in love with (either as a result of having been forced to invest so many dollars into purchasing them or because nothing else fits us, and our feet, quite so perfectly), it is incredibly difficult to find repairers we can trust to look after our shoes or handbags and restore them properly.

This is something you never need to worry about with SoleHeeled. All repairs are performed by the Moses Shoe Repairs family — a recognised name in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs, CBD and beyond, extending over 3 generations and trusted by such luxury brands as RM Williams (official recommended repairer), Versace and Canali.

When you order repairs through SoleHeeled, a team of artisans with almost a century of experience between them will be repairing your shoes and bags by hand using traditional methods — rather than the overly mechanical methods used by the repair shops you regularly come across.

Learn more about the repair processes we use for men's shoes, women's shoes and handbags.


Even if/when we do find a craftsman we can trust, we don't have the time to drop off our shoes or handbags at the repairer's workshop, confirm whether the items are actually repairable, get a quote for the repairs, and then travel back there a week later to pick up our items and take them home.

Again, this is something you never need to worry about with SoleHeeled. Before bothering to schlep your shoes or handbags across town, you can use our Instant Quote service to confirm whether your items are repairable and specifically what repairs are needed. Once you have decided to make an order, you will notice that our prices are affordable and include not only required repairs but also the delivery of your shoes and handbags to and from our workshop in Martin Place, Sydney.

Whether you live close to Sydney's CBD or in a remote rural/regional Australian town, the process is seamless:

  1. Place your order: Tell us what you need repaired while completing your order online. If your items require unusual repairs, you'll have the opportunity during the online order process to request a free diagnosis and custom review of your requirements by a member of the SoleHeeled team.

  2. Send us your items: We will send you a box in which you can pack your shoes/handbags and send them back to us — using SoleHeeled's returns service or lodging the box at your closest Australia Post Office.

  3. We repair your items: Once we receive your shoes/handbags, we will review and repair them based on your specifications. If there are any issues, you will hear from us.

  4. We return your items: Once your shoes/handbags are repaired, we will return them to you at your address.

EDIT: As of September 2018, the process of getting your items to us is even simpler and more convenient. Once we’ve reviewed your order, we'll email you a ticket you can take to your local Australia Post office. You'll be able to exchange the ticket for a printed shipping label as well as a box and protective bubble wrap in which you can pack your item and send it to us, free and fully tracked.

So ...

We hope you will take a look around our website, follow SoleHeeled on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, share news of our launch with your friends (by simply hitting the social sharing buttons on this page), and maybe even order a repair some time soon. And of course, please reach out if you have any questions about us, our services or our business — we would love to hear from you!